Sharon Negele | Standing Strong for Hoosier Values

I grew up in a middle class family of six, two older brothers and a younger sister, in the eastern suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.  My father was employed in the auto parts industry and my mom was a stay at home mother. A struggle to afford sending all 4 children off to college I was encouraged to stay home, work and attend a community college. Determined I could make it I decided to go it alone and enrolled at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I paid 100% of my way through college working in the food service industry while attending college full time earning my 4 year Bachelors degree in Finance in 1982. I went on to a career in Finance becoming a Senior Financial Analyst with one of the world's largest offshore drilling company, while working full time I earned my Master in Finance (MBA) from the University of Houston in 1990. My education and experienced allowed me the opportunity to become the Chief Financial Officer of a large growing Wireless Communications Company in 1991.


Married for 27 Years

My husband of 25 years sold his successful Texas, Missouri and Kansas businesses in 1996 and we moved to Attica, Indiana to get back to our Midwest values, raise our young family and to enjoy the excitement of growing a small business. I enjoyed coaching Little League, serving on the Board as Treasurer and working to improve the facilities for our community.  I was also an active10 year member and Treasurer of the great philanthropic sorority Tri-Kappa. Additionally I was involved and held the position of Treasurer and President of the Attica Elementary Parent Teacher Organization. I am a proud Hoosier business owner and employer. Wolf’s Homemade Candies and Wolf’s Frozen Custard are headquartered in Attica, Indiana and we have more than doubled our revenue and employment since 1996.


Serving the Citizens of Attica for 8 Years

While serving the citizens of Attica for the past 6 years as Chief Financial Officer of the City (Clerk/Treasurer) I have been able to increase the City reserves through smart responsible management of our city assets, utilities and conservative financial controls and investments. Attica has submitted a timely and balanced budget each year of my service. Through fiscal conservatism and responsible financial control we have saved over $500,000 to the city rainy day fund. I have been instrumental in securing $1,000,000 in grant funding for our downtown renovation and storm water project.  I have managed over $3,000,000 in road improvement grants from INDOT and recently secured a $200,000 grant through USDA with city matching funds to purchase two new fire trucks.  The city of Attica also had to enter into to a legal settlement with a large corporation for past chemical dumping which had compromised Attica’s drinking water supply and 130 homes.  I was appointed as city liaison and lead negotiator on the financial settlement which we successfully secured through mediation in Chicago with the EPA and Kraft Food Corporation.


I have also become a certified grant writer and secured a $1,000,000 water/wastewater grant for the Town of Wingate and $500,000 for a new fire station for the Town of Clarks Hill.


My greatest accomplishments would be my marriage of 27 years to my Husband Dennis who is a partner in the Williamsport, Indiana office of the Schrader Real Estate & Auction Company who specialize in the sale & auction of Agricultural Farm Land. Also our 2 wonderful children, Doyle a graduate of Ball State University with a degree in Meteorology and Jessica a sophmore at Ball State University.



Sharon's background is diverse and encompasses large international and medium corporations, small business and government.



B.A. in Finance & Economics

Western Michigan University, 1982


M.B.A. in Finance

University of Houston, 1990


Hobbies & Interests

Sharon has been active in three different local philanthropic organizations for the past 11 years and has served as both Treasurer and President. When she vacations with her family, they enjoy snow skiing and boating. She has an avid workout routine including kickboxing and weight training. Her marriage of 25 years and two children are her self delcared greatest achievements in life!


Professional Experience

Clerk/Treaurer, City of Attica



This is an elected political position and the responsibilities include the following areas: Financial reporting, budgeting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, asset management, human resource, payroll, technology (computer hardware and software), grant management, community spokesperson and citizen advocate.


President, Wolf’s Homemade Candies, Inc.



This was an existing candy manufacturing business for over 60 years with two previous owners. My husband and I purchased the business in 1996 and I have served as it's President ever since.


Chief Financial Officer, Dom Com Inc.



This company was a start up Cellular Phone Agency in 1990. It rapidly grew to over 200 employees and became the 10th largest cellular sales agency in the United States by mid 1992 encompassing three major cites. Initially I was hired as a consultant, then hired as the Chief Operating Officer and eventually became the Chief Financial Officer with the accounting manager, customer service manager, inventory manager and onsite IT staff as direct reports.


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